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How It's Done

From choosing your home site to selecting your home plan and finally being able to move in, the journey home can be a bit tough to maneuver without proper guidance. Even though the build process can be complex, it shouldn't be for you. Bring your vision of home to life in less than 10 steps as we travel alongside you the entire way. With regular communication and updates from your HQ Journey companion, you always know the progress of your new home. Enjoy the journey and we’ll expertly handle the details.

  • Step1

    Find Your
    Find Your Land

    Whether you have already found the perfect homesite or if you need of a nudge in the right direction to your ideal homesite, the first step in building your dream home on your lot is finding, and securing, the perfect location for you to call home.

  • Step2

    Hello Financing!

    Building a home on your lot has a slightly different financial path from that of purchasing a pre-existing home. The type of financing you need depends on the homesite you own (or homesite you want to purchase) and the home that you desire. Meet with our preferred lender, or contact your own, to secure a pre-approval letter that outlines what loan type you need to bring your new home vision to life.

  • Step3

    Pick Your
    Pick Your Plan

    Now that you have an idea of what you are able to afford, it is time to decide on which home plan best reflects your vision and suits your needs. Browse our extensive collection of thoughtfully laid out plans, choose the one that works for you and decide how you want to personalize it with the features you need.

  • Step4

    HomeSight Discovery

    Now is time to watch your vision unfold. Meet key players in the oversight of your home construction, attend progress meetings and for the next 150 days set your sights on the final step.

  • Step5

    Secure your
    Secure your Home

    All went great at the homesite discovery meeting, so now it’s time to get your vision on paper and locked in. Meet with our HomeSights New Home Consultant to review your plan selection, elevation choice, and structural options to start the official build process. Once these items are determined, we are one step closer to starting your new home.

  • Step6

    Personalize your
    Personalize your Home

    Make your home uniquely yours and decide on the interior colors, styles, features and finished that you envision for your new home. Have some ideas of what you want? Bring all of your inspiration to your design selection appointment and let our HomeSights New Home Consultant assist you in bringing your vision to life.

  • Step7

    Secure Financing

    Before construction can officially begin on your new home, your financing must be secured and your loan closing completed. At this point we are about 45 days-in to the process and it’s time for you to check in with your lending officer to verify that they have all of the required documentation to finalize your financing. Once all is verified you will close on your loan and construction can begin on your home.

  • Step8

    Construction Journey
    Construction Journey Begins

    Now is time to watch your vision unfold. Meet key players in the oversight of your home construction, attend progress meetings and for the next 165 days set your sights on the final step.

  • Step9

    HomeSight Delivered

    What a journey! Your new home is complete and it’s time to settle in, make memories and revel in home ownership. Take ownership of your dream home once construction is complete. Time to make memories.

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